USB-PD 5孔接頭

適用於每個 udoq 多功能充電軌道

可單獨裝入電纜盒中,或與另一個充電器(4-/5 連接埠 USB 充電器)一起裝入電纜盒中。

$ 49.90

Available Direct shipment

1個 USB-C PD (Power Delivery), 1 個 USB-A 快速充電孔和 3 個一般 USB-A 充電孔,適用於CABLE BOX S and M

USB-A 裝置提供最快的充電速度。
1x USB-C PD: 5V/3A or 9V/3A or 12V/2,5A or 15V/2A (30W Max)
1x USB-A Quick Charge: 5V/3A or 9V/2A or 12V/1,5A (18W Max)
3x USB-A Smart Charge: 5V/2,4A (12W Max)
Output DC: (60W Max)
Protection against short circuit, overcharging, over voltage, overheating

Length: 3.5 in | Breite: 2.4 in | Höhe: 1.2 in | Weight: 6 oz | Color: black | Length of power cable: 59 in (US plug), Input AC: 100-240V | 50/60HZ (1,6A Max)


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